Long-standing cooperation with the best manufacturers within the trade as well as experience gained allowed for the development of our own catalogue of system solutions of flat roof insulation.


The insulation systems of roof and facades applied by Ekotechnika Plus comply with binding norms and the highest performance standards.

This allows for optimal selection of an insulation system for each type of flat roof or light wall envelope, taking into account the specific project, its nature, purpose and client’s requirements.


Our company performs:

  • Thermal insulation with the application of mineral wool, Styrofoam, PIR, PUR
  • Hydroinsulation of flat roofs with the application of PVC membrane, TPO, EPDM, as well as thermal weldable roofing bituminous membrane modified with SBS
  • Shaping hipped ends of the roof within thermal insulation with the application of Styrofoam  and mineral wool
  • System roof dewatering with roof work
  • Facades in the system of cassette-wool–sheet, layer plate, façade coffers with overall roof work.


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