The primary task of each roof insulation is the protection of the building structure and its interior against changeable weather conditions. The most difficult for insulation are roof structures such as flat roofs which require highest quality insulation materials. Therefore, strategic partners within the scope of design and delivery of materials for the performance of thermal and hydro insulation of buildings and industrial objects are constituted by the best manufacturers and suppliers of materials.


Our partners include among others:

-          AWAK (smoke gates, skylights, arch roof skylights)

-          BALEX Metal (trapezoidal sheets, arch roof skylights)

-          ICOPAL (bituminous hydro insulation, foam polystyrene)

-          KOELNER S.A. (mounting systems)

-          PRUSZYƃSKI (trapezoidal and corrugated sheet, coffers, roof dewatering systems)

-          ROCKWOOL (mineral wool)

-          SFS INTEC (mounting systems)

-          SIKA POLAND (PVC membrane)

-          TRIMO (layer plates).


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